Small amount loans projects with flexible online loans and easy repayment system

Will Give You a Good Loan Experience

Base on user experience, we reach the goal of speedy certification, real-time approval and speedy loans, which making application and real-time approval status tracking easily. Also the borrowers can pay back at anytime and anywhere.

  • Service fee is from 0.5% to 1% per day
  • Maximum annual interest rate is 110%
  • Period: 61 days (the shortest) to 120 days (the longest)
    • Example of loan application:
    • Principal is 1000,000Rp
    • Choose a 10-day period
    • The total service fee is 1,000,000Rp x 10 x 1% = 100,000 Rp
    • Then, the total amount of repayments for 10 days is 1,100,000 Rp.

How to loan

Easy to use, quick approval,speedy loan

Fill in: Select loan amount and choose repayment time, fill in receiving bank name and number.

Data Authentication: Authenticate user getting data from the correct entity and validate the integrity of the data.

Pending Review: Verify the credit of loan account, guarantee the interests of both borrowers and lenders.

Capital Arrival: Arrive quickly as soon as be approved, solve the rigid demand for urgent use of small funds.

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